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Dátum: 2005-03-19 08:20:22
Feladó: Szabó Sándor
Tárgy: Fw: Brightest Kuiper-belt occ'n of 2005 Sat. pm; some other events
Ma este egy Neptunuszon túli kisbolygó fed egy csillagot, van
esély arra is hogy Európában is látszik az esemény.
Részletek alul:
A csillag a ZC 1319 = SAO 98133 = HIP 43206, 7,4 magnitúdó,
22:00-22:40 UT között érdemes próbálkozni. A kisbolygó
sajnos csak 110 km-es.

19 22:05-:30   1999 CO153  110  7.4 08 48.1 +17 24 Africa;Europe?BR?

March 19, 1999 CO153:  This is the brightest predicted occultation by a
trans-Neptunian object this year.  Due to the great distance, the
prediction is very uncertain so observation for 30 - 40 minutes is
reccommended.  The star is ZC 1319 = SAO 98133 = HIP 43206, spectral

type K2; a map showing the path is at the bottom of p. 70 of the March
issue of Sky and Telescope, but the location is very uncertain so that
it could be anywhere where the star is above the horizon in a dark sky;
E. Goffin found the event.

http://www.asteroidoccultation.com for updated path maps, finder charts
of different scales, and other details; he has updates now to mid
April.  Also, see the asteroidal occultation section of the main IOTA
site at
for annotated versions of E. Goffin´s good finder charts for North
American events and links to sites covering other areas.  For Europe,
see also L. Vasta & J. Manek´s site at http://mpocc.astro.cz/mp and
J. Schwaenen´s site at http://www.astrosurf.com/eaon (go to his MONTHLY
links, for March or April).  New observers can get basic information on
timing occultations at
http://iota.jhu/timng920.htm and at
http:/astrosurf.com/eaon/video%20observations.htm .


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