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Dátum: 2000-08-23 11:36:26
Feladó: Szabó Sándor
Tárgy: Fw: [eclipse] Solar eclipse conference countdown
Ha még él a lista: Egy napfogyatkozás konferencia lesz 2 hónap múlva a belga Atwerpenben.
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Feladó: Patrick Poitevin
Címzett: Eclipse List Canada
Elküldve: 2000. augusztus 20. 13:34
Tárgy: [eclipse] Solar eclipse conference countdown

> Hi,
> Only 2 months to go.  Seats a re still available but all single rooms are
> fully books, and only one double room is left.  Please subscribe now for the
> solar eclipse conference.  See below the WebPages which are updated with the
> guestspeakers´ abstracts as well (this week?).  Many speakers had to be
> refused because of the full program.  Here a preliminary status:
> Saturday 14 October 2000
> The history of accretion... by Dr. J.F. Lemaire (Belgium)
> Coronal dynamics and motions by Dr. Serge Koutchmy (France)
> The solar corona as seen ... by Erwin Verwichte (Belgium)
> TECONET and the Belgian ... by Dr. Frederic Clette (Belgium)
> Physical Conditions of Coronal ... by Prof. Eijiro Hiei (Japan)
> Observing an eclipse away from ... by Paul Maley (USA)
> Solar eclipses over the years by Gernot Meiser (Germany)
> The meteorology of the lunar shadow by Dr. Jay Anderson (Canada)
> The solar eclipse in Zambia by Dr. Peter Kalabwe (Zambia)
> Eclipse photographed and ... by Juan Carlos Casado (Spain)
> Shadow bands and other ... by Dr. Barrie Jones (England)
> WebCam experience at eclipse by Olivier Staiger (Switzerland)
> Eclipse Film by Jean Marc Lariviere (Canada)
> Eclipse Film by David Makepeace (Canada)
> Poster sessions by:
> Public Observatory Urania (Belgium)
> Southern Africa Tourist Offices (South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
> Ovidiu Vaduvescu (USA)
> Serge Brunier (France)
> Pierre Guillermier (France)
> Fred Espenak (USA)
> EIT Group (Belgium)
> ROB (Belgium)
> BIRA (Belgium)
> Explorers Tours (England)
> Rainbow Symphony (USA)
> Springer Verlag (Germany)
> Kluwer (Netherlands)
> BAA (England)
> Tourist Office Antwerp (Belgium)
> It´s all Good Companies (USA)
> Ralph Chou (Canada)
> Sunday 15 October 2000
> Tittle to be set by Dr. Voyto Rusin (Czech Republic)
> A roadmap of solar ... by Dr. David Berghmans (Belgium)
> Solar eclipse eye safety by Ralph Chou (Canada)
> Eclipses from the air by John Hopper (USA)
> Eclipse photography and video ... by Daniel Fischer (Germany)
> Predictions for the total solar ... by Dr. Fred Espenak (USA)
> Solar eclipses: teaching us about ... Prof. Jay Pasachoff (USA)
> The solar eclipse from Zimbabwe by Dr. Francis Podmore (Zimbabwe)
> Devoured by Darkness-Eclipse by Dr. Ed Krupp (USA)
> Eclipses in Ancient Mesopotamia by Dr. John Steele (England)
> Maya Codici and solar eclipses by Felix Verbelen (Belgium)
> Historical eclipses and the changing ... by Prof. Richard Stephenson
> (England)
> If you still consider to have a poster session or to register, please send a
> message or phone me.  See details below.  And ... financial support is still
> more then welcome.
> Best regards,
> Patrick
> Patrick Poitevin, 7A The Drift
> Rowlands Castle, Havant
> Hampshire PO9 6DG, ENGLAND
> tel +44 (0)7901 514 097
> Patrick_Poitevin@hotmail.com
> International Solar Eclipse Conference
> 14 -15 October 2000, Antwerp Belgium
> http://www.eclipsechasers.net
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> eclipse@hydra.carleton.ca
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