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Dátum: 2001-08-01 23:39:46
Feladó: DomainRegistryGlobal.net
Tárgy: RE: change your internet address
We were referred to you by a friend and understand that you may be interested in securing your very own domain name. Did you know that domain names are being registered at the rate of more than 30,000 per day? You should reserve your name domain now before someone else registers it. Do you want an email address that will suit your name, business or personal interest? If so, you need to secure your domain NOW at: http://www.DomainRegistryGlobal.net

We invite you to take advantage of our special CHARTER RATE on dot com registrations. Register your dot com name now and save almost 50% off the regular rate of US$35.  For a  limited time only, secure your dot com name for just US$17.95 per year and you can keep it for life!  To register your domain name or just check if your dot com name is still available, go to http://www.DomainRegistryGlobal.net

More than 28 million dot com names have been registered already and good names are going fast. According to International Data Corporation, more than 800 mllion Internet users will have their own dot com name by 2003.  Get your´s before it´s too late!   To register your domain name or just check if your dot com name is still available, go to http://www.DomainRegistryGlobal.net


1. Get a Better Name For Yourself
Whether you are a professional, a business or just someone who uses e-mail a lot, you may find that your current e-mail address is too complicated or simply too boring to remember. Recently, dot com registrars have allowed ANYONE (businesses and consumers) to register dot com names up to 67 characters long. Because there can only be ONE unique dot com name in the world, many people are rushing to reserve their names before its taken by someone else. Some examples are:

- msmith@westcoastconsulting,com
- jenny@chan,com
- johnbrown@bestwestdesigns,com
- david@harpinder,com

2. Never Change Your E-Mail Address Again*
Having your own dot com name allows you to KEEP your identity on the Internet. You will never have to change your e-mail address again once you have your own dot com name. Your will be able to move your e-mail address from one Internet provider to another because YOU OWN IT! Imagine the headaches and friends you will save by not having to inform everyone eachtime you change your e-mail address.

3. Thinking of a Web Site Later? Think Dot Com First!*
If you have considered building a web site sometime in the future, you should reserve your dot com name today. Once you have your own dot com name, you will be able to use it for a matching web site address (www,YourName,com) later on.

*Note:  You will still require your ISP to host your email box.  A dot com name ensures that you keep your email and web address no matter which ISP you are with.


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