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Dátum: 2007-02-05 19:24:43
Feladó: R. Flynn
Tárgy: Important trading news - Growling bobcat
We called it and UP it goes! HPGI on the top again today.

HPGI up 22% in its first big day of trading. Look for more gains from
this high-flier tomorrow and over the next few weeks!

Hemisphere Gold Discovers a Series of Gold Anomalies Trending North-South for Over 20 km
Monday February 5, 6:30 am ET
Company Reports on Initial Stream Sediment Sampling Program

Symm: HPGI
Prev. close:1.50

Read up on why these junior gold industry companies are THE place to be.
Type in Google : "zealllc com 2006 jnrgold" and read all about it.

HPGI is as hot as they come with major surveys underway and a blazing
hot publicity campaign is ready to announce the BIG Find!

Catch the luck and win with HPGI.


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