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Dátum: 2005-07-04 08:59:00
Feladó: Szalma Zsolt
Tárgy: Amator beszamolok
A világ másik felén lévő amatőrök élőben látták a show-t...és már írtak is
róla beszámolót.

Dave Healy:

My son Tom Healy, my son-in-law Mike Fisher and I observed the Deep
Impact event with JBO´s 32-inch RC and a 20mm Nagler yielding 300x.
  Before the event, the comet showed a faint tail and a stellar
nucleus in averted vision.  About 3 minutes after impact time of
5:52UT, the nucleus began brightening, and by about 15 minutes after
impact we all could hold the nucleus in direct vision.  I´d estimate
that the nucleus at least doubled in brightness by about half an
hour after impact, after which its brightness seemed to stabilize.
Tom and Mike saw the nucleus brighten significantly, but were less
certain about the degree of brightening.

Chuck Dethloff:

A group of folks out at our property successfully observed Deep Impact as
well tonight. Twilight ends much later here at our latitude, and it was
still fairly bright twilight at the time of impact. By 5:54 UT Howard
Banich and Dan Gray (both with 28" scopes) pointed out that the pseudo
nucleus was brightening noticeably. And it became visible to me in my 12.5"
scope with difficult averted vision at that time as well. Within 10 minutes
it brightened to being a difficult, but direct vision object in the 12.5".
It was also easily visible to my wife Judy with her 16" scope.

I sketched the field and estimated the brightness of the pseudo nucleus to
be definitely brighter than nearby GSC 5546:1575, which Megastar shows as
magnitude 14.3. Possibly slightly brighter than GSC 5546:1370 which
Megastar shows as magnitude 13.7.

It also appeared to us that over the hour that we observed it that it
became less of a pin point and slightly larger. Of course it was getting
lower and the seeing getting weaker. But there seemed to be more of a
change in its apparent size than the nearby stars showed.

Bár ezek ewlég nagyműszeres észlelések, azért az tény, hogy látható a
változás, fényesedés. Azért szabad szemes nem lesz.



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